Asa Candler – Coca Cola


Asa Candler was the entrepreneur behind Coca Cola and a fantastic example of what a Christian can do when he puts God first in his business. Starting from humble beginnings as a drugstore owner in Atlanta, he purchased the Coca Cola secret formula in 1888 and through his innovative marketing, sales and distribution efforts, grew […]

Sir John Templeton – Mutual Fund Pioneer


Sir John Templeton was a mutual fund pioneer, one of the most benevolent philanthropists in history and a deeply spiritual man. He also wrote several books, many of which focused on spirituality. A lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church and a 42 year member of the Board of Trustees for the Princeton Theological Seminary, Sir […]

Henry Parsons Crowell – Quaker Oats

henry parsons crowell featured

Henry Parsons Crowell founded Quaker Oats and was an extraordinary Christian businessman who funded many Christian initiatives, including the Moody Bible Institute, despite having to overcome a childhood deadly disease. A man hungry for the Word of God his entire life, on October 22, 1943, at the age of 82, he went to be with […]

Marion Wade – Service Master

Marion Wade Featured

Marion Wade was the founder of ServiceMaster and a devoted Christian. Despite dropping out of school in eighth grade and starting his own business during the Great Depression, by putting God first in his life, he went on to create a company that still thrives today. Born in Arkansas in 1898, after leaving school, Marion […]

Zig Ziglar – Motivational Speaker Author


Zig Ziglar was a motivational speaker, sales trainer, best selling author and faithful follower of Jesus Christ. Zig, real name, Hilary Hinton Ziglar, came from extremely humble beginnings, raised during the Great Depression in rural Mississippi by his widowed mother along side 10 siblings (his father and 11th sibling younger sister died within two days […]

Stanley Tam – US Plastic


Stanley Tam, founder of US Plastic Corp, legally gave his entire business to God and the profits that have been generated ever since have gone to the spread of the Gospel across the world. To date, the business

Larry Burkett – Money Matters


Larry Burkett was a biblically-based financial advisor, host of the radio program Money Matters and founder of Christian Financial Concepts, later named Crown Financial Ministries. He wrote more than 70 books, selling over 11 million copies, including several national best sellers. His radio programs were carried on 2,000 outlets worldwide and his message for managing […]

Paul J Meyer – Success Motivation Institute


Paul J Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute, pioneered the personal development and self improvement industry, and was a model Christian in his business as well as personal life. His success training materials have inspired countless lives over the past 50 years and his Foundation has donated tens of millions to charities and ministries. He […]

Bob Briner – Roaring Lambs


Bob Briner was a sports television pioneer, Emmy Award winning producer and evangelical Christian author. He called Christians to become, “Roaring Lambs,” — people who believed that the Christian faith was relevant to all the problems faced by modern man and then to act on that conviction. Rather than simply criticize Hollywood, the press, television […]

David Steward – World Wide Technologies

David Steward Featured

David Steward is the founder of the privately held $1 Billion Information Technology firm, World Wide Technologies, based in St. Louis, MO. David was raised in Missouri in a very segregated community. He went to college and through sheer determination, found his way onto the basketball team despite his high school coach and others telling […]