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Larry_BurkettLarry Burkett was a biblically-based financial advisor, host of the radio program Money Matters and founder of Christian Financial Concepts, later named Crown Financial Ministries. He wrote more than 70 books, selling over 11 million copies, including several national best sellers. His radio programs were carried on 2,000 outlets worldwide and his message for managing finances by following God’s Word has changed millions of lives. Larry Burkett was an extraordinary Christ based money counselor and a pioneer in Christian personal finance education.


  1. Dear Larry,
    I would like to ask your opinion on how to do my budgetting.Hope you will respond 5o m6 question.Thank you
    God Bless

  2. Diane Ferrante says:

    A long time ago I purchased Money Matters 2000 that requires Windows 95/98 with ISBN # 1-56427-039-4. I never used it and it’s all still in the box. I was wondering if there’s a ministry here in the US or in a foreign country that you know of that could use it. I would gladly donate it and mail it to them if you give me an address.
    Thank You,

  3. Ariel Roncal says:

    Dear Larry,
    Pls help me how to manage the business

  4. I’m so humbled to see these men of GOD led by the principles from The Bible and the Words from JESUS. When we honor GOD we will be honored by HIM. And earthly prosperity is what follows to our diligent and transparent work in HIM. Though i’m very new to the wordly business but I’m in the business of our LORD Jesus in reaching the un reached 6000+ villages ( 87 so far ) to develop them in Education, Sanitation, Health & Nutrition sectors. I live in Hyderabad and my work is focused both Telangana and Andhrapradesh states from INDIA. Currently i’m starting a coffee cafe business to support my vision and to extend my help to the poor and in need. Hope and pray that this site bring me light and knowledge to expand the greater mission which i’m called to do. Thank you.

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