Peter J Daniels

Peter J DanielsPeter J Daniels is an christian businessman and entrepreneur, best selling author and recognized public speaker. From humble beginnings, illiterate at age 26, Peter found Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade May 25, 1959, and went on to build several successful businesses, serve on the boards of several international ministries, author thirteen books and be named by Norman Vincent Peale as the best public speaker in the world. He credits his success to Jesus Christ.

Peter J. Daniels came from a disadvantaged background and was challenged with illiteracy in his early years. His family was third generation welfare recipients, he has two alcoholic brothers, 4 fathers and 2 mothers. Many of his relatives have been in jail. He failed at every grade in school and became a bricklayer. At 26 years of age he was hopelessly in debt, and attended a Billy Graham Crusade on 25 May 1959. He attributes his life change and subsequent success to that meeting.

After reading 2,000 biographies, Daniels went into business three times, failing each time, but avoiding bankruptcy. He subsequently managed to build a large real estate business in Australia and South East Asia and serves as a director and chairman on a range of international boards. From 1974 to 1990, he ran Peter J Daniels Real Estate, until it folded. Since 1989 he has run the World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies. Other business involvements include being a director of International Corporate Holdings Pty Ltd, Chairman of Australia Fair Pty Ltd and an international director of Worldwide Leadership Council.

Daniels married his wife Robina in 1955 and has three children and eight grandchildren.


  1. Dr.Peter J Daneils,
    Dear brother in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.I would like to introduce myself in the following few lines. My name is Rev.D.Solomon, ministering for the past 32 Years (Literature ministry, personal evangelism preaching ministry and social work). But I am involved in Church ministry for the past 14 Years.

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    At present we are having 5 pastors and all these pastors are living supported by the offerings of the local rural congregation.

    About the Social action:

    We are also involved in social relief work, by supporting the victims of natural calamities such as cyclone, Tsunami. Regularly we support ten school going children by giving them monthly monitory help and supply educational materials once in a year. We also help few of our members on their acute financial difficulties.

    About our believes spiritual and economic condition.

    I request your kind help especially in pray for the following problems we face.
    Our believers are struggling hard in meeting their ends, for most of them are laborers who are at average or below average level. Though they are growing spiritually, their financial condition is not growing proportionately and thereby not able to support the church and other ministry.For the past 14 years the Hindu Temples people who is opposite to our Church an troubling us.They are against the Ministries and against the believers. They are counsel that our Church should not be there.On festivals ,they trouble us day and night so that we wouldn’t conduct church service and prayers .They people who are coming to the temple night are fighting and troubling us more.I have send the picture of HINDU TEMPLE .
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    We hope you will pray and help us if God willing for the further developments of the church and ministry.

    With Best Regards,

    Yours in His Service

    Rev. D. SOLOMONSr.Pastor,
    Chennai peace assembly churches,
    no.22,Santhi Nagar Masin Road,

    Church and hindu temple photos in my website,Please visit my website

  2. Beloved Sir Dr.Peter J.Daniels,
    Adelaide,South Australia,
    I hope you are received my letter,I sent letter to you in the year 1978 about my ministry needs.You sent me reply.Still I remember you,That time was ministry in Tamil Nadu Villages,Now I have churches ,pastors and also children supporting ministry.Please pray and try help my ministry by leading by holy spirit.I continue pray for you and your mission,
    God bless
    Yours in His service
    Rev. D. SOLOMONSr.Pastor,
    Chennai peace assembly churches,
    no.22,Santhi Nagar Masin Road,

  3. Rev. d.solomon The scripture I read Jesus said if the people refuse to receive you,shake the dust off your sandles and leave them . Too many try as I say bribe ,that ‘s not what Peter did.See Acts chapter 3. As Paul said I know what it is to be in need and to have plenty; God has never failed me! I’m 88 yrs old . I claim Isia 26:3-4.

  4. Dear Mr Daniels,
    You’re a clear indicate of God’s infallible promises,
    To humanity.
    I’m proud to know you.
    I had a terrible background, than you’ve had,
    Like I always say that:
    ”God is an impposibility specialist ;
    He’s an expert in picking ‘things’ that had been discarded, rejected and abandoned by men, taking them into His processing chamber,
    Turning into an enviable finished product ready to be presented to the world,
    As a sign and signet of the God-Factor”

    B L Dickson, 2010
    Nigeria, West Africa

  5. Dear Pastor Daniels,
    As I read your article it reflects me and where I came from. I went as far as primary school and I was forcing to equipping myself with a lot of industries to gain the knowledge to sustain myself, but I rather fall into traps. Starting one business to another failing to sustain myself but going into a scenario. Where I find myself stumbling, battling and fixing my situation. I have structured a concept for the youth of South Africa to start their own business from milestone into dynasty, and again housing project for the middle class income as well as a call center for the utility industry. In South Africa there enormous opportunities but in order to execute the projects, it requires funding. I’m believer and I need the divine understand, wisdom and knowledge for my purpose in Christ Jesus that everything can work together for expanding the kingdom of God.

  6. henrietta says:

    Dear Dr Daniels,
    Your story is very inspirational to me. I like to listen to you to get ideas for developing me as nurse and start a business in buying and selling fabrics . I started 4 years by sending fabrics to somebody in Africa she did not pay me half the money so I stopped the fabric business as I was disappointed and discouraged.
    In December 2013 I went to china to see what can buy and sell to get extra money apart from my salary..I made some profit but all was used to pay bills. Now I want to back to china for the second time .
    Can please give me advise on how to do start doing business and make profit with small amount of money.

  7. barowaka elvis modika says:

    dear sir,i have read ur story in a book which motivated my faith in business so far,sir i jst need an advice on how to go about it.Barowaka,cameroon

  8. Rahelimihajandralambo Adele says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am so grateful to come to the MPI website and to find about the Miracles of the GOD like you. I would like to have you in Madagascar where our politicians said to be christian but full of corruption and wrongdoing. Where the land is blessed by the Almighty Father but the people are among the poorest of the poor.

    I was a laughing stock of numerous people that I pledge that there is not need to steal and becoming rich.

    Thank you so much for your advice on how could I be a tool in the hand of Christ to enrich the multitude small farmers of my country. Pray for me for this mission God bless you.

  9. Ed says:

    where do I go to get schooling on buying gold coins and bullion.

  10. Nick Delgado says:

    Dear Mr Peter Daniels,
    I took your advise in starting a maintenance/construction business. You and your lovely wife spoke at our church in San Bernardino CA The Way World Outreach you called me up on stage and inputed into me a eagerness, and willingness to start my own company and to exercise faith and to establish your basic Christian fundemrntqls as the backbone foundation if it all and on behalf of myself and my family I want to say thank you so much for your powerful straight to the point nessage…… God bless you and your family we love you and hope that you impact others life’s like you have done mine…..

  11. Reverend Donald Meeks says:

    God bless you Pastor Daniels,

    We meet years ago at my church in Chicago, IL Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church under Apostle Richard D Henton. You gave me a DVDs introducing me to your home land Australia. You have really inspired me with your spiritual insight.
    We really need you back in the the Chicago area. Will you please consider us.
    You encouraged us to invest in gold bullion at that time. That was very good information you provided. Let me know of any possibility of your return.

    Rev. Donald Meeks

  12. LaNell Babbage -Torres says:

    On March 4, 2015 “Churches standing With Israel” in Atlanta.
    All across America Churches will Fast and Pray for the Nation of Israel!!!
    Will you join us?

  13. Gladys says:

    I have read the testimonies above.Mine is kind of off,am a christian lady who has been searching for direction from a christian successful business person and i feel lost because God has not put one on my way.But am still in prayer and searching for Gods will.
    Thank you

  14. Theresa Purvis (Terry) says:

    Thank you for sharing, God’s amazing grace!

  15. peter john says:

    dr. peter am glad to have heard about yu..i talked to. you. previosly

  16. Mikenichev Klim says:

    Dear sir,
    I have read your book “How to Reach Your Life Goals”. This book has inspired me and taught me a lot. It can also be applied in one’s life, which is great! In the book you write a lot about the dream. I would like to ask you a question. I’ve thought a lot about what I want to be and one day I realized that I want to be a pastor. I began to take steps, participate in church ministry more, I got enrolled in the course of training philosophy in an ecclesiastical academy. But I keep thinking about financial provision. I understand that I have to provide for my family. How do I set my life goals if my dream is to be a pastor but I have to ensure my family’s financial stability so that they lack nothing? How do I make a plan for my life goals?
    Yours respectfully,
    Klim Mikenichev.

  17. Steven williamson says:

    Hi, my names Steven Williamson. I am a born again christian and an evangelist for Jesus, I have some ingenious ideas for apps, but I need someone like you who is also Christian that I can trust to help me without disclosing my ideas to someone who won’t. These ideas are very lucrative business plans, but I’m afraid of releasing my ideas to the people of the world. I also was told as a child, I would not achieve anything and was cast aside because of ADHD, but I believe God is guided me today and through him I will have victory in my life. I believe I will become an uncommon millionaire for Jesus, but I need guidance from the right people. Would you help me please. I pray your receive this . God bless. Steven

  18. Edmund says:

    Dear sir I want to build modular houses for disadvantaged. Lacks do you have plans drawn up for low cost houses

  19. Autumn says:

    My question to you Mr. Daniels is how do I make my Business plan stand out more than another? Can you help me with that please?

  20. Maxim says:

    Hello! I’m Asabin Maxim , I’m from Russia . please tell me how I can contact Mr. Peter Daniels ? thanks in advance !

  21. Maxim says:

    Peter Daniels , I do not need financial aid , I would like to address to you for advice.

  22. Pastor Sivan Simamora says:

    Dear Mr. Peter J Daniels.

    I thank God to know about you from your website.
    I am Pastor Sivan Simamora from Indonesia. I have been ministering and pioneering Churches in Indonesia for 30 years.The Lord entrusts us to serve needy people in our Country. We are registered by our Government as legal Church organization called GOD’S GRACE EVANGELICAL CHURCH.
    The problem is we must have Church building to meet together as a church worshipping our God.
    Till now we have not had Church building yet. Could you please help us financially to built it ?

    Thank you.


    Sivan Simamora.

  23. Joseph says:

    I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will revealed in us Rom 8:18
    Church of the Living God Ministries
    Chintalapet Gannavaram-521 101 ,Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh India
    Pastor N Joseph Raju

    Greetings to you in the wonderful name our Lord Jesus Christ, It is my privilege to introduce myself to you . I am N Joseph Raju, born and brought up in a Christian family having Formal education in the school, I am the second one in twin out of Six children in the family, the Lord called me for the ministry in theVery prime of my youth like Jacob and Joseph, I had a great zeal to work for the Lord and win souls for Christ. I prayed, the Lord gave me vision, the vision and calling confirmed by the elders of the church thru signs, then I was sent to Bible school for pastoral training by Home church in obedience to the call of God in order to fulfill the great commission as our part in the world, There in the Bible school
    3 year I have studied, going thru very difficult times of spiritual struggle,
    Poverty, and insults from fellow mates, out of all these trials make me
    Strong in faith, hope and love. On 2nd May 1991 I was graduated.
    After graduation came to the home state of Andhra Pradesh and wait
    upon the Lord for His guidance to do the work in a planned way to
    reach the unreached people , meeting the needs of tribal and sharing
    the gospel to untold millions in the villages towns and slums. As we wait
    upon the Lord, He revealed thru His word to start the ministry in the
    name of CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD MINISTRIES. Evenafter the guidance of the Lord we share this news to the church people and elders, after the counsel of the elders we launch into the legal activity to Registered the church of the living God ministries as a charity. We registered this as a Christian charitable Trust. Now this trust is having all kinds of permissions from the Govt . of India to use for the ministry for the furtherance of the Gospel in India

    We have established small congregations in different villages. Every
    Year we are conducting annual gospel meetings, conducting outreaches,
    Tract distribution from door to door, street preaching. This way the
    ministry winning the lost souls, comforting the widows and orphan children in their distress time.
    Our rural churches are running in a thatched house and mud houses. As the souls are coming to the Lord this kind of physical uncomforts are not countable when we see the glory of God and great harvest.
    By the grace of God I have got married in 1996 Feb 15th. The Lord blessed
    me physically With 3 boys and 2 girls along with the spiritual family is growing every month souls are adding to the church. My wife Suseela kiran takes care of the women fellowship and the children ministry. This makes m to understand that I am in perfect will of God.
    I am cordially inviting you and your team to India to participate in our church annual meetings in the villages, so that I will extend the invitation for you officially
    We are all praying for you and your ministry and family, please pray and
    remember this ministry. As a man of God I am humbly requesting you, so please pray, visit and extend the support to this ministry as the Lord leads you. We are expecting your reply for the good cause
    With love and prayers
    May God bless you richly

    Yours in His service

    Mrs &Pastor N Joseph Raju

  24. looking for your partnership in mission and church building in Kenya help me thanks

  25. Dear Pastor,
    i am a business man from india, i learn about you from pastor mick murdov and also sow from his you tube that you have written one spacific book which is 48 pages regarding business, how is it possible for me to buy that book. what is the name of the titel of the book?
    thank you
    kiyehoto yepthomi.

  26. Hello,

    My name is Christian Bobo and I am 24 years old and will be turning 25 in May. Just a little about me to let you know who I am. My whole child hood and young adult life I have been involved with football and having a dream to one day pay professional in the NFL. I trained my whole life and faced many challenges in high school and college or not being seen as good enough to people and I just didn’t understand it. I faced many obstacles in the process and eventually got an opportunity to play in Austria for a professional football team where I was able to play for a few months and win the Championship game. During the time I was finishing up writing my first book titled, Thirty, where I share some wisdom that God placed in me through my time of finding my identity in Christ. Through my journey of finishing my football career God gave me the peace I needed to move on from football and pursue the heart of Christ in everything I do. I have been working my hardest of discovering my calling in life or waiting for that one opportunity that God has for me thats going to take me away from selling with a regular job and being all who God created me to be. I am preparing for an event to speak about my book coming in March of this year and believing something will open up from there. Im passionate about sharing the love of Christ with young adults/youth because I feel that God showed me so much in that time in my life where he gave me a passion to minster to them. I am in the process of not knowing exactly where he needs me to go from here. I have a desire to travel to speak to youth/young adults in sports or just in areas like I grew up in where sports seems to be the only way to have success. I came across your profile when looking for successful Christian entrepreneurs and felt God lead me here for a reason. I was inspired by your story and I am believing that Go will show me soon as to where he needs me to go in life to spread his word. I ask that you pray for me and fiancé. We are preparing to get married this June and are believing for a big change in our lives. Thank You

  27. Olubunmi Onundi says:

    I thank God i came across this site prayer for 2016 is that God should reveal the secret of his wealth to me because i belief devoted christian are not suppose to be living in abject poverty as witnessed in my country nigeria.This testimonies have lifted my spirit.thanks

  28. Sherrilyn Church says:

    Hello Peter,
    I and friends would like to visit you and discuss Australian Christians need of a truly Christian bank!

  29. Greetings Peter.
    My names is Moses Mabunda from Pretoria in South Africa. I attended your seminar that was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1989. You inspired me and your words remained in my spirit until today. I was ordained as a Pastor and the General Secretary of our church( United Apostolic Faith Church). I am arranging a two day Believer’s Conference to be held in May or June 2017 in Pretoria, South Africa. What would it cost us to be our Guest Speaker. I am anticipating a great number of business people, Christians and Government employees to attend the Conference. Please let me know your heart about this conference. With unspeakable Joy in Jesus. Pastor Moses Mabunda.

  30. Many of the business Christians need help when it comes to paying tithe. Your motivation will surely uplift the South African Christians.I bought two of your books namely Miss Phillips you are wrong and How to be Happy though Rich at the seminar. I always read these books and they inspire me. Our church has one hundred and ninety churches in South Africa. We do have churches in Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi, Tanzania, Democratic Republic Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe. All these countries will be invited to the Believer’s Conference. I can even fly to your country for further interview if need be. With unspeakable joy in Jesus. Pastor Moses Mabunda

  31. olive says:

    Greetings brother and sister in Christ please i am a new entrepreneaur.please i need a mentor

  32. peter lee says:

    gday pete thanks mate for your inspirational life story,and awesome to see you are a lover of jesus a 56 years young man in canberra determined to do extrordinary well with what jesus has given me.a loving heart a brain and a voice to tell others about jesus.the holy spirit also is mentoring me and encouraging me to get going again in business.starting up a building business from scratch to support my family jesus ministryand those he sends me to look after.i look to jesus 1st always.the holy spirit as you know helps those who come to him.i know with help i can do what he is telling me to praying for a business mentor who can steer me in the right you have contacts in canberra.and please alsosmething from you.jesus loves you mate peter lee.see you in heaven one day yeeeeehaaaaaaa.


    That is sounding very good and I need the contact number of Peter J Dniels

  34. Crystal Martin says:

    How to do you find out where Peter Daniels will be speaking in upcoming churches

  35. Samuel Blay says:

    I want to know more about you Dr. Please i hope to hearing from you soon.

  36. Iam a pastor in Kenya seeking your prayers and partnership in any way possible.Mary O’Donell established a link for me at causenetwork.Would you please have a look:
    Your reply will be bratefully received by me.
    Pastor James K Waiya
    Bethsda Baptist Church

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