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John D Rockefeller Sr Standard OilJohn D Rockefeller Sr was arguably the greatest businessman of all time, at one point in his life his net worth (adjusted for inflation) was estimated to be the largest in world history, he was a very committed Christian and many believe to be the most benevolent person of all time. Much of his wealth was derived from Standard Oil, the most feared and powerful monopoly in American business history. At its height, “The Standard”, as it was called, controlled 90% of the US oil refining market and the profits it generated were beyond comprehension. John built the company along with several partners and together, these men generated more money than the world had ever seen at the time. Meanwhile, Rockefeller attended church every Sunday as well as prayer meetings on Friday nights for his entire adult life. He lived a balanced life, spending a tremendous amount of time with his family. His son John Jr and grandson John III were also very committed Christians that led extremely productive lives. By age 55, Rockefeller had completely retired from active business, using the next 42 years of his life to distribute his great wealth to the betterment of society and completely transformed philanthropy forever. He was a extraordinary Giant for God.

John’s mother was a major influence in his life and it was her faith in The Lord that led him at an early age to accepting Christ as his Lord and Savior. His father Bill meanwhile, led a double life and spent much of John’s life on the road, calling himself Dr Livingston and peddling fake medical potions to unsuspecting victims. For all his shortcomings though, Bill did raise his children to be shrewd. In one incident, he encouraged young John to leap into his arms and rather than catch him, he moved his hands away and let John fall to the floor. “I cheat my boys every chance I get, I want to make them sharp,” was his logic. Considering John and his brother William became two of the sharpest and wealthiest business minds of their time, Bill certainly instilled some wise business sense in his offspring. But Bill would disappear for months at a time throughout John’s childhood and would randomly re-appear with a pile of money to help keep the family afloat so that he could leave again and John did not have a close relationship with his father throughout his life.

John_D_Rockefeller_Early_TwentiesBy age 16, John wanted to become self-reliant and escape the ups and downs of counting on his estranged father for sustenance. Rockefeller took a correspondence course on bookkeeping and 3 months later, with a completed course certification in hand, he knocked on the doors of businesses in Cleveland for 6 weeks until a company finally gave him a job. The year was 1854. John was a natural in business. Within a few years, he had saved up enough to start his own business along with a partner. His business acumen was so keen, even at a very early age, that he began outwitting much older partners and associates. John was also extremely intelligent with money, remaining frugal and saving so that he could reinvest in future businesses. By age 27, he became the controlling owner of the largest oil refinery in Cleveland, a remarkable feat at the time and what he recounted as the catapult to his career.

The oil industry at the time was known as a fly-by-night, unreliable business. Fires would easily ravage wells and refineries. They were cropping up like weeds and anyone with a few nickels in their pocket could get started in the business. John saw it as the greatest business opportunity of his lifetime and seized it with everything he had. Attracting investment capital was extremely difficult but John’s tenacity overcame insurmountable obstacles to find money partners and banks willing to take a chance on him as he began to buy out competitors. And anyone whoever invested in John were handsomely rewarded. The company that became the massive conglomerate Standard Oil never lost money while under his thumb and the dividends were outstanding.

And the rest, as they say, is history. For the next 30 years, John and his partners (at the height of Standard Oil, Rockefeller owned about 30% of the empire) proceeded to persistently purchase and control every oil refinery that they could get their hands on and then vertically integrated production, distribution, marketing and every other aspect of a mammoth oil monopoly that gushed out more profits than any other American business had done before. Along the way, they created a tremendous amount controversy and criticism. Many critics vehemently detested his business practices and eventually the public outcry persuaded the federal government to enact anti-trust laws to break up what Rockefeller and his partners created. By age 55, Rockefeller stepped down as the leader and handed the reins to a protege. And soon after his retirement, the world saw the rise of the automobile and for Rockefeller, his wealth grew all the more allowing him to do things that had never been done in world history, rewriting the book on philanthropy.

Even from an early age, Rockefeller felt the Lord had called him to be a great steward over wealth. He began tithing from the very first paycheck he earned at his very first job and never stopped that practice the rest of his life. At age 21, he spearheaded a fund raising campaign that collected $2,000 and helped save his church from going to foreclosure. As his income increased, he remained extremely frugal, avoiding financial waste so that he had more to invest and more to give back.
“I was trained from the beginning to work and to save,” Rockefeller explained, “I have always regarded it as a religious duty to get all I could honorably and to give all I could.”

Cettie_SpelmanIn addition to tithing, in his early 20s, John also began to broaden his giving outside of just the church and he had a special place in his hearts for blacks, who had just been delivered from slavery. Around that time, he married Cettie Spelman, whose parents were abolitionists, and this further strengthened his resolve to help African Americans. Years later, he funded what became the most prestigious black women’s college in the United States, Spelman College in Georgia. His interest in developing institutions of higher education prompted him to donate tens of millions into what became the University of Chicago. A world class college that doesn’t bare his name, like almost everything else he ever donated to, because he didn’t want the recognition since he felt he was being a steward of the Lord’s wealth. And what many American history buffs may be unaware of is that when the federal government reached out to JP Morgan for an emergency loan so that the country wouldn’t collapse financially, Morgan organized the $20M loan in short order with a tremendous amount of money provided by John D Rockefeller Sr. But as he did so often, John’s benevolence did not bare his name.

John_D_Rockefeller_Early_NinetiesRockefeller found the pressures of giving to be incredibly intense. Thousands of letters poured in asking him for money. His frugality and wise financial administration made the challenge of giving appropriately even more difficult. It became so overwhelming that he hired a full time person to help him administer his great wealth wisely, eventually passing on that role to his son John Jr. The various foundations Rockefeller established went on to fund some incredibly productive efforts. For example, it funded an initiative to eradicate hookworm from the American Deep South and eventually the world, freeing millions of people from hookworm. It paid for revolutionizing the medical field by applying the scientific approach to the medical education and research (and somewhat ironic considering his father’s business of selling phony medical potions). The massive amount of discoveries made could fill an encyclopedia. Carrel won the Nobel Prize in 1912 for medicine after years of research fueled by Rockefeller funds. One of his foundations helped bring about 800 southern high schools. And the list could go on and on. With the same acumen that John brought to business, he also brought to benevolence and the results were absolutely world changing.

Two other American business icons, Commodore Vanderbilt and Jay Gould, both believed that Rockefeller was the greatest businessman America ever produced. He pioneered many of the facets that make up the modern corporation of today and although some of his business practices were heavily criticized and eventually legislated against, his mark on business was monumental. He was a God fearing, church attending, Bible believing Christian who never wavered in his faith and gave more money back to the betterment society than anyone else in history. He was a devoted husband and father that made time for his family while building the most profitable organization of its time.

Titan_by_Ron_ChernowAnyone looking to find a role model for how to be an incredibly shrewd Christian businessman should take the time to read the detailed biography of John D Rockefeller Titan by Ron Chernow. Rockefeller is as good of an example of a Giant for God as there has been and reading the details of his life meticulously explained by Chernow can enrich your life tremendously. You’ll also discover the intricate nuances of the controversy surrounding some of his monopolistic business practices and you can decide for yourself how you feel about them. Meanwhile, the impact he made on society was absolutely enormous and many of those are still benefiting the greater good today.


  1. Opara A.C. says:

    It is a oodles thin to be righteous and Odd fearing. Even long after he’s gone to be with the Lord, he still inspires men like me.
    God bless you abundantly J.D. Rockefeller

  2. Floyd Simon says:

    His son was a major funder for my favorite park Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He donated $5 million and the federal government $2 million to buy land.

  3. Olusola says:

    Thank you for this information on successful Christian business men.
    Christians have the best mind-renewed by the resurrection power of The Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Word of God gives wisdom to manage effective businesses. Paying the tithe is security/insurance for the business

  4. Thompson Chitsa says:

    Great article and quite inspirational

  5. What a blessing men of God have been. When you know that the Lord is on your side, will lead and direct you, giving you great ideas, and finds no fault with you and is never, ever angry or mad at you – how can you lose. Thank you Jesus!!

  6. Segun Dada says:

    I’ve heard things about christian business men but this and that of R.G. Letourneau inspired me beyond measures. Thanks.

  7. Nobert says:

    am really inspired beyond measure to see the word of God been fulfilled.Now i have more confidence that those who put their trust in God are like mountain Zion that cannot been shaken.Thank you God for using J.D Rockefeller to show the world that God honors His word more than His name on those who faithfully obey His laws and teachings.Remain blessed.

  8. Nobert says:

    am really inspired beyond measure to see the word of God been fulfilled.Now i have more confidence that those who put their trust in God are like mountain Zion that cannot been shaken.Thank you God for using J.D Rockefeller to show the world that God honors His word more than His Name

  9. This article is very encouraging for Christians who are in business or who want to venture into the business world. I’m sure the challenges back then were far more greater than now. Reading about such a successful businessman who is not only God-fearing but whose principle is deeply rooted in “philanthropy,” is certainly refreshing. When we put God first, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

  10. I got the needed inspiration from his life. What an example!

  11. Apostle Paul Eguridu says:

    I’m truly blessed to know that God still honor those who put the word of God into practice. Reading through life of John D Rockefeller, my faith in the covenant of Blessing established by God with Abraham thousands of years ago, is still very much alive and will work for anyone who like John d Rockefeller put it in practice. I’m deeply inspired to practice God’s covenant as never before. Matthew 6:33 is a reality to me.
    Paul Eguridu author of Prayer Works.

  12. Jorge lopez says:

    I have been a tighter almost all my life but the last two years of my life for some reason I stopped. Business got in trouble finances got tough everything was going down hill. I stopped thinking in faith and started thinking logical until I started researching on people’s life. The owner of chick fil a was a big tither and I just found out one of Americans greatest was also a tither. It inspired me to go back to the principals and start tithing again. It’s logical but it’s the only sure thing in faith with a promise in return.

  13. I was very inspired by this article. Though Rock feller was a very rich man in the world, but even he spent his lot of time with God and his family. his spent most of wealth for establishing the kingdom of God. Praise to be our LORD Jesus Christ Forever and ever. Thanks a lot.

  14. I was well inspired by this great article. God richly bless you.

  15. majem says:

    His life is a great inspiration to me and worthy to emulate.

  16. Prince Temple says:

    After hearing and reading so much about John D. Rockefeller, I was greatly Inspired and Motivated for Business and the fact that He was a Christian gives me great Joy! Thank you so much for this further enlightenment, God bless you!


    really inspiring .
    I believe his absolute dedication to tithing should send a very strong message to we Christians.

  18. Alex Osei-Bonsu says:

    I couldn’t help being impressed at how far God went with such an outstanding man of faith who placed first in all that he did….
    John D Rockefeller is really a spacemen for emulation…!

  19. Alex Osei-Bonsu says:

    I couldn’t help being impressed at how far God went with such an outstanding man of faith who placed Him first in all that he did….
    John D Rockefeller is really a spacemen for emulation…!

  20. Alex Temisan A says:

    The Lord opened my eyes not to see tithes as a fiction even though it was rarely mentioned in the NT. If men in the circular could open physical bank accounts here on earth as a means of treasure, then should we not open spiritual bank accounts (tithing) in heaven where it could not get technically insolvent and where our interest rates is in much more multiples. God is certainly not man to doubt Him. God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek His interest

  21. Tim says:

    In short, he inspires me with efficient confidence in our Lord Jesus.

  22. Yvonne says:

    I’m inspired. Thank you for your research and article. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be greatly magnified through His daughters and sons all over the world. Amen, and may all glory be unto God!

  23. Otom David says:

    What a testimony of a man to prove that God’s word does not fail. His principles when obeyed will always produce tremendous results. Any where the complete gospel is preached, J. D Rockefeller’ name will be mentioned. Am inspired.

  24. Glory be to Jesus! God bless the generation of J. D Rockefeller

  25. Dear Mr. J.D Rockefeller , I am glad God brought me across this website , I am moved by the humility you have as a child of God, in spite of the prosperity, you can still have that thinking that was in our Lord, though he was God he did not exalt himself. May God reward your humility. I am Bernadatte Kirabo serving the Lord in Uganda East Africa , our church is called Kikajjo Restoration Center Church. We have orphans who need a school and a home and we also want to plant new churches in different parts of Uganda . If there is any way you can support the building of Gods’ kingdom in Africa we shall be very grateful.
    God bless you as you continue supporting the kingdom of God in Jesus’ name.
    Kirabo Bernadatte

  26. Blessed be God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ who in His unfailing Love, has given unto me great and unusual mentors of faith to follow, making me come out with the same results as they by the infallible Word of God. Added to Pa Abraham (Isaiah 51:1,2) and King David (Psalm 89:20-37, Acts 13:34b), Sir John D. Rockefeller is among my greatest fathers of Faith. The outcome of their lives gives me great confidence in God that I’m turning out the same.
    Glory To God!!!

  27. I just want to be better!!!.. Role model sir Rockefeller… His walk with God and business acumen…just want to be better.

  28. Amb IK says:

    What a man of wisdom. He knew what to do and he became great. GOD used him mightyly to bless others and also as an example to we christians. GOD’s word will always live forever and ever. AMEN

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