FCCI Young Business Leaders Conference (April 2016 – Paris, France)

Fellowship of Companies for Christ (FCCI) will be hosting a Young Business Leaders Conference in Paris, France in April 2016. The FCCI mission is to equip Christian business leaders to view business as an opportunity for mission. There are three learning tracks available for this conference: 1. Entrepreneurship – Looking to start your own company? […]

Phil Pustejovsky – Freedom Mentor


Phil Pustejovsky is the founder of Freedom Mentor, an innovative market leading real estate investing mentoring organization and a bible believing Christian. In an industry dominated by headlines of empty promises from people such as Donald Trump, Phil has changed the very nature of real estate investing education and has transformed it into a noble, […]

John D Rockefeller Sr – Standard Oil


John D Rockefeller Sr was arguably the greatest businessman of all time, at one point in his life his net worth (adjusted for inflation) was estimated to be the largest in world history, he was a very committed Christian and many believe to be the most benevolent person of all time. Much of his wealth […]

RG LeTourneau – Earthmoving Innovator


RG LeTourneau is perhaps the most inspiring Christian inventor, businessman and entrepreneur the world has ever seen. A sixth grade dropout, Robert Gilmore “RG” LeTourneau went on to become the leading earth moving machinery manufacturer of his day with plants on 4 continents, more than 300 patents to his name and major contributions to road construction and heavy equipment […]

David Green – Hobby Lobby


David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby, opened his first retail business in 1970 with $600 in start up capital and parlayed it into a $2 billion per year retailing giant with 434 stores.  Forbes® estimates his personal fortune to exceed $3 Billion, making him one of the richest people in the world.  By the world’s standards, he is a remarkable […]

Tom Monaghan – Domino’s Pizza


Tom Monaghan a devote Roman Catholic, founded Domino’s Pizza in 1960 and after selling the company in 1998, dedicated his time, talent and several hundreds of millions of dollars to Catholic causes, including the pro-life movement and the founding of Ave Maria University. His active opposition to abortion first made headlines in 1989 when the […]


The Genesis of “GiantsForGod.com” came from an insatiable hunger to study the lives of great Christians in Business that lived extraordinary lives for the Lord. In an era where most Christian Business books are the “21 laws…”, “7 ways…”, “5 steps…”, the study of great people’s lives remains the most efficient way of learning the […]

S Truett Cathy – Chick-Fil-A


S Truett Cathy is founder of Chick-fil-A and is one of the finest Christian entrepreneurs in American history. Cathy exemplifies what all Christian businessmen should strive to be in the workplace. Chick-fil-A is a very profitable national brand with gross revenues exceeding $4.5 Billion a year despite his mandate that each of the more 1600 […]

Norm Miller – Interstate Batteries


Norm Miller is chairman of Interstate Batteries and a Christian business executive of the highest caliber. Starting from humble beginnings, he sold his way into the American Dream, selling for with the Interstate Batteries company, complete with a big house, nice cars and a beautiful wife. Rather than happiness and joy however, Norm felt that […]

Anthony Rossi – Tropicana

Anthony Rossi Featured

Anthony Rossi grew Tropicana into the largest fresh-chilled orange juice company in the world and donated millions to further the work of Bible schools and missionary services. He immigrated to the United States from Sicily at the age 21; unable to speak any English, without formal education, and with no money or connections to help […]