FCCI Young Business Leaders Conference (April 2016 – Paris, France)

Fellowship of Companies for Christ (FCCI) will be hosting a Young Business Leaders Conference in Paris, France in April 2016. The FCCI mission is to equip Christian business leaders to view business as an opportunity for mission. There are three learning tracks available for this conference:
1. Entrepreneurship – Looking to start your own company? Receive training on how to start and grow your own business.
2. Business Owners – Already run your own company? Hear from seasoned experts on how to grow your business and become a Kingdom Company.
3. Influencer/Leader – Don’t own your own Company? Learn more about how to be a leader and influencer in your company for a greater purpose.
This conference is an awesome opportunity for the next generation to learn about a new way to view business and leadership. To learn more, go to:



  1. Ovi Barba says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there is an organisation similar to this one in Europe which you could recomand to me ?
    I am not living in the U.S. and probably it is not a good idea to become a member
    since I won’t be able to participate all the events that are happening there.

    Many thanks,

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