The Genesis of “GiantsForGod.com” came from an insatiable hunger to study the lives of great Christians in Business that lived extraordinary lives for the Lord. In an era where most Christian Business books are the “21 laws…”, “7 ways…”, “5 steps…”, the study of great people’s lives remains the most efficient way of learning the lessons that truly matter in life. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Almost anyone can write about how a business leader can live a life for God. It’s truly remarkable to read the stories of Christian entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have actually lived a life for God. These people are the Giants For God.

Ironically, most Giants For God have very few resources available describing their lives. In fact, most Giants for God rarely attain celebrity status. Such is the result of a life committed to humility…very few know what you did or how you did it.

Honoring as well as sharing the inspiration and the lessons gleaned from these mighty men and women of God is the purpose of GiantsForGod.com. It’s a resource for all believers so that they can refer to the lives of these Giants as a road map of how to be a Christian in Business and live a life for God. With special thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, now anyone looking to know more about how other Christians in Business have run God centered businesses, can efficiently study what the world’s greatest Christian Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople have done and are doing to live a life for God.

Hopefully, GiantsForGod.com will inspire and equip Christians in Business so that you can avoid having to learn the oftentimes painful lessons that others have already learned the hard way. May these men and women be your mentors in life so that your Lord can one day say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Don’t see a Christian in Business on this website that should be? Suggest a Giant!

Giants for God are continually “discovered” one day at a time. Smothered by the cloak of humility, it is usually through those who know them best that these mighty men and women of God are introduced to us and we jump at the opportunity to share their remarkable lives with the Giants for God community. If you feel we are missing a Giant, we would encourage you to nominate a Giant in the comments sections below:


  1. Khuram Younus says:

    Dear friends in Christ,

    I do not know for whatsoever reason, I just got landed on this website, while doing browsing on the internet. My name is Khuram. I am 25 years old, passionate to be an entrepreneur, motivated to see lives changed for Kingdom, involve in prayer, church planting and preaching ministry. I would like to get in touch with those ‘gurus’ people, who can guide, advise me and I shall be thankful to them.



  2. Haddy says:

    Thank you so much. I think John D RocKafellar should be there. Also, the owner of Walmart, Sam Walton. God bess you

  3. Haddy says:

    Thank you so much. I think John D Rockefeller should be there. Also, the owner of Walmart, Sam Walton. God bess you

  4. Hello

    I am Christian and run a business . I have tired to link up with other business men in my country but failed . I think in my country there is a huge need for aid and working together to beat poverty .

    Warm Regards

    Ulrich Barlow

  5. Haresh Vaswani says:

    Praise The Lord for His faithfulness I am a successful businessman from India , my son has done

    Hotel management from Switzerland but is with us in India since some years now, I am praying

    that The Lord our God would provide him a Christian Business mentor where he would learn

    and work for the Glory of our Father in heaven. Amen !

  6. Tim Allen says:

    JC Penney, Harlan Sanders, Booker T Washington, John D Rockefeller, Henry Heinz, Herman Cain, James Kraft, Cyrus McCormick- Some extra ideas to keep this going

  7. Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Kindly advice me on the best way possible to get biographies of these great men.
    Kind Regards

  8. Stephanie Ayala says:

    Thank you for creating this site. To be able to know the stories makes all the difference. Seeing God’s glory in the lives of His servants in business is inspirational.

  9. Jason Quey says:

    What a great resource, thanks for compiling this list of godly businessmen together!

    I would highly recommend taking a look at the life of Jeremiah Lanphier. As mentioned, there seems little mentioned about his business practices, but I believe there is much to be gleaned from his devotion to God in prayer.

  10. omosogie says:

    Am just very blessed. Am so excited. I have been reading other unsaved business men all the way so I thought a christian believer will answer my quest in business practices. However, if you can list out biography books or autography titles I can go and buy mine. Thank you look forward tO a favorable respone.

  11. I heard a snippet on the radio about Henry Parsons Crowell and realized I wanted to learn from the lives of godly men who have made a difference for the kingdom of God. I am going to read ’em all – thank you for this resource.

    I would like to nominate Rich DeVos (co-founder of AMWAY) as a giant. I recently read his biography and he has been a great influence for the kingdom and is unabashed in his identification with Christ in his life and speaking engagements.

  12. RealChristianBusinessman says:

    What a wonderful resource, thank you for providing this list!

    I would nominate Dave Ramsey. He may be poignant, but he is a believer spreading the good news about personal finance. His story would be worth telling.

    Don Mencke

  13. Donald Clausen says:

    Surprised at those missing from your site. How about William Colgate, JL Kraft, and JC Penny?

  14. I would also recommend researching Wilson Greatbatch the inventor of the implantable cardiac pacemaker. He has passed away, but was a Gideon and very humble man of great success.

  15. Giants for God says:

    John D Rockefeller has not been added. Great suggestion! And up next is HJ Heinz. Thanks so much!

  16. Giants for God says:

    John D Rockefeller has now been added. Great suggestion!

  17. DK Lee says:

    I think John Wanamaker must definitely be on this list.
    Also, I believe Andrew Carnegie was a devout christian.

  18. Giants for God says:

    Carnegie’s autobiography reveals his beliefs and he was not a Christian.

  19. Chifuniro Kandaya says:

    I just landed on this website. I want to be an entreprenuer and help in preaching the gospel through my financial support. Do you provide any form of trainings or any literatures.

  20. Pastor Peter says:

    Praise God!
    i have found your website and have seen your ministry.
    Am interested in your ministry and would eager to invite you to Kenya to bring training for Giants.
    Am eager to partner with you.
    Pastor Peter

  21. Dy Wakefield says:

    I appreciate this website as a woman I feel that you left out the Women Giants for God such as
    Mary C. Crowley founder of Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc.
    Mary K. Ash founder of Mary Kay cosmetics and skin care
    Madam CJ Walker founder of hair care systems for African American Women

  22. ben says:

    How about Tyler Perry? Don flow?

  23. Mark Trewitt says:

    I am in process of writing a book, due out in 2015, titled “Integrated Generosity” and would like to include the first paragraph of each profile in a section titled “Profiles in Generosity”, which should drive traffic to your website, but am not comfortable doing so without appropriate permission.

    Regardless, is Giants for God a 501c3 organization? If it is I would like to make a donation to further the good work you are doing.

    Mark Trewitt

  24. J.V. Smith says:

    God bless this website. You must add Jay van Andel and Rich de Vos. They both are great at business and had not moved from their christian commitment. Dexter Yager should be added as well.

  25. Rich Scott says:

    I found this site while searching all over the internet for Christian Entrepreneur type organizations. I am a professional network marketer and feel lead to connect with other believers in my industry and glorify God in the market place.

  26. Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

    Great compilation of great men. Probably there are more to be added.

  27. Jason Reynolds says:

    Loving this site. Definite bookmark. Consider Ben Carson. Also, it would be cool to see a list of which giants are in your pipeline so we can be excited about reading those in the future!

  28. Attn- the Executive

    Have read some of your news.

    I am the Founder and President odd the Christian Chamber of Commerce, in Mauritius.Together with your organization, I feel we have great, potentials to develop businesses of mutual interests, here.

    Shall appreciate your really contact
    JC Er I c Germain – FCMI

  29. Jason Huo says:

    Dear Owner of “http://www.giantsforgod.com”:

    I am glad to find this website while Google for biography books that can inspiring my son to work hard and to glorify God as those Giants.

    Thank you very much and sincerely hope your list can be longer and longer.

    God bless you and your family,


  30. Thang Za Gin says:

    Very Great job.

  31. Abigail says:

    Awesome People!!!

  32. Valerie L. Myers says:

    I would like to suggest Demos Shakarian be added to your site, founder of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International A few others to include would be Oral Roberts, JC Penney, Paul Crouch the founder of TBN, Chuck Colson founder of Prison Fellowship, and Billy Graham.

  33. Angela Kirke says:

    Great website. Was doing research for my Christian business for a final project for my MBA and found this website very inspirational. God Bless everyone pursuing Christian entrepreneurial ventures.

  34. Denis says:


  35. Ifunanya Mbanefo says:

    Stumbled into this site and was immensely blessed. I would like to suggest Strive Masiyiwa, founder of Econet, a telecommunication company.

  36. Mvelo Dube says:


    Thank you for all the Giants for God that we can learn from.
    I think that William Colgate should be top on the list, he not only gave a tithe from his income but got to a point of giving 5 tenths from the wealth he was getting from Colgate Products to God.
    Please do consider adding him to this list.

  37. Jeff Hesseltine says:

    My wife and I are teaching a study to a group of young ladies. Is there a website you can recommend that shows successful women in business like Mary Kay or others? Thx.

  38. Pastor Larry Crabtree says:


    I recently ran across this website while preparing for a message. I was seeking illustrations of men and women who lived their lives for Jesus Christ and accomplished much during their journey upon this earth. It was encouraging reading about the lives of so many Giants for God.

    Might I suggest Cecil B. Day Sr. as a candidate for this site? He is the founder of Days Inn, Luxury Budget Motel chain. He was a outspoken Evangelical follower of Christ who developed a successful business and returned over 50 percent of his income back into Christ’s kingdom. He went home to be with the Lord at 44-years-of-age. But his life of service continues to eternally impact the lives of many, especially in the state of Georgia.

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